Monday, June 10, 2013

Read to Me, Daddy

Here is a little gift for Father's Day. With all the controversy over standards, teacher evaluations and standardized tests, one thing remains incontrovertibly true: children whose parents read to them have a leg up on literacy learning.

I wrote this poem nearly thirty years ago, while on my way to a conference to speak on the topic of A Fathers' Influence on Children's Literacy Development. It, too, remains true today.

I hope you enjoy.

Read to Me, Daddy 

Read to me, Daddy
Of far away places
Where elephants reign
And turtles win races.

Read to me, Daddy
And we’ll leave on a flight
To Jupiter! Mars!
And home in one night.

Read to me, Daddy
And fill up my head
With fanciful pictures
‘Fore I go to bed.

Read to me, Daddy
Of wishes come true.
Read to me, Daddy
Then I’ll read to you.

                       Russ Walsh

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