Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Back to School Reminder

As teachers across the country return to school across the country over the next few days, I thought I would share this poem I wrote many years ago. The poem is written from the prospective of a parent and is a reminder of the sacred trust that every teacher must accept. I hope everyone has a fulfilling, joyous, engaging, and successful opening to the school year.

The First Day of School
by Russ Walsh

Today, dear teacher, I deliver to you
          my heart, my life, my son.
He’s not perfect:
One day he’s noisy,
Next day he’s careless,
Next day he’s both.
          Treat him kindly;
          Guide his growth.

I assure you, dear teacher,
          you’ll learn his name quickly.
He has his opinions.
He speaks them loudly
Displays them proudly,
So sure he’s right.
          Respect his feelings:
          Harsh words can bite.

I should warn you dear teacher,
          he has no patience for seatwork.
But he’s not lazy,
Just likes to ponder,
And let his mind wander
In every which way direction.
          Value his thinking;
          Allow reflection.

Today dear teacher, I deliver to you
          my heart, my life, my son.
I ask that you listen.
I ask that you watch.
I ask that you care.
          And give him a hug,
          When I’m not there.

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